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Graced by her illustration.

We have a Guest Sketchbook / Register at Sunrise River Gallery.
This afternoon I set up my easel in the nice light from the front window and continued to work on a painting I’m calling Grandfather’s Holland.  Having painted for a a bit and making good progress, I cleaned my brushes and put my feet up.  Soon after in walked Grace and her dad.
Grace, a young artist herself, was visiting her grandparents here in Muscatine.  Her dad told me she’d seen me painting as they walked by and had to come see what was going on.  Grace, her dad (Rob) and I had a really nice conversation about painting, God and life.  Grace even called her mom to come see!  As we wrapped up our visit, Mom (Peg) said: ‘Grace left you some art.’
In our Guest Sketchbook, Grace blessed us with a beautiful original illustration.  On one level, art is about being able to reach someone on a deep, emotional level.  
Grace, your art is beautiful and has touched my soul.  It was a pleasure sharing my art with you, and thank you so  much for gracing us with yours!
Come see us again the next time you’re in Muscatine.
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Home for awhile.

Many years ago while studying design and photography, I published a book I called “Home For Awhile”.

At the time, it was ‘time for a change’ because I was getting ready to set the world on fire … graduate college then head west for fame and fortune.

I journeyed through a career in ‘marketing communications’ … I worked as a press secretary, an ad agency account exec (several times), a director of marketing (again, multiple times); I designed and wrote many ads, brochures, logos, and so many ‘fliers’ I can hardly take it (my students know what I mean); I became a college teacher (marketing, small business management, entrepreneurship); and through it all, I raised a couple of great boys … scratch that, they are two fine young men!

As we grow older and perhaps lament missed opportunities and perceived disappointments, we may chalk it up to “life happens”.   Full of wander lust I wrote:  “The midwest has been my home for awhile.  It is now time for a change.  I will move on to a new home.  Where ever it will be, will be only for awhile.”   Having had life happen and re-reading those words, it occurs to me each and every moment is a time for change waiting to be embraced.

Where we are right now is really only home for awhile.

I’ve been presenting images in the form of landscapes, logos, ads and fliers for over 40 years.  Although I’ve been creating, my great lament is I didn’t paint for almost 30 of those years.  Yet even the logos, ads and fliers have allowed me to experience this great adventure.  And where ever I’ve been and where ever I go, I embrace the time for change.

With great joy I now focus my creative energy on creating paintings and photographs which capture simple elements of God’s masterpiece as seen through one man’s eye. I like to share my perspective on where ever home is.  Although we aren’t really meant for this world it is our home for awhile. Since we are only passing through, remember to always go forward.