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The incredible thing about gardening, is when you’re a painter your garden blooms with spring flowers much sooner than most expect.

Now don’t take it the wrong way, I’m all about following the processes found in the principles of harvest.  I know the gardener must first till, then plant, then water and nurture along the way before beautiful blooms spring up.

But an artist’s mind doesn’t always follow that linear thinking process.  Sure, some ‘plan’ a painting, then prep the canvas, set the palette with paints organized from light to dark, and work from left to right until the blossoms grow to full bloom.

Here’s my palette after a recent ‘gardening’ session.  It really doesn’t matter what’s on the canvas, the palette is merely the loading dock where paint gets transferred from tube, to brush to picture. Though I’ll admit, sometimes it goes directly from tube to brush.

Magenta to Phthalocyanine Green. Ochre. Crimson. Cerulean Blue. Burnt Umber. Writing the names of these colors makes my head hurt.  But oh, are they not incredibly stimulating and pleasing to the eye!
Mere words cannot describe the color you get when you mix cadmium yellow with a touch of deep magenta and a very little dab of ultramarine blue. You might see that colorful burst of first morning light, or it might be those gorgeous rose petals that you simply cannot identify by color … you simply marvel in God’s beauty!

No painter’s palette or gardener’s plot plan can ever come close to matching what our Creator does.  Sure, man has put names on colors and we’ve learned how to manufacture those pigments. But when putting them together on canvas to create a picture to show God’s masterpiece, it really is awesome.  He is awesome.

If you’re still reading, you’ve likely had a hard time tracking … from painting spring flowers, to the principles of harvest, to colors on my palette, to my admiration and love for my God.

Welcome inside the mind of a painter!  It has now occurred to me, a picture of an artist’s brain may look way more like that picture of my palette.  And if you look closely, you will see some gray matter!

Oh look, the purple crocus are starting to come up.