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“Spring’s Potential”

The Crocus is at the same time tender and hardy.

It springs forth in a burst of color bringing cheer
to the end of a dreary time.

The Crocus is the first flower of Spring.
It exemplifies the tenacity of our youth as it faces the sometimes harsh challenges of growing up.

But Spring is the season of new beginnings, hopes, and dreams.

The Crocus pops up, even through the lingering Winter snow,
to shout “hey, look what we can do!”

Brush away the obstacles and watch them grow.

flight of the crocus



Here’s a fun little video on painting of another batch of crocus.

“Spring’s Potential” was commissioned for and donated to the HAVLife Foundation for it’s annual Quad Cities Martini Shake Off fundraiser.  Started in memory of Hunter Aaron Vondran, HAVlife™ is a Not For Profit 501(C)(3) organization established to fund the resources students need to pursue their musical aspirations and athletic goals – just as Hunter did. It was my honor and privilege to provide my dear friends, Mike and Brenda Vondran, this painting.

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