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Collaborative Creation 

So we had a blast on Saturday at Sunrise River Gallery during the Downtown Muscatine Girls Getaway.  The Getaway asked that we do some “seminars” for the “girls”.

Interactive and collaborative became my watch words.  

Two different groups of about 10 women each joined me in the studio for a team effort to paint a still life of tulips and lilies. It was simple … I handed out brushes, paint and encouragement as the painters took turns in one minute intervals.  In the end, six paintings were begun…each with a unique flair brought on through collaboration and teamwork.

Per their requests I’ll add some finishing touches to their creations. Tulips & Lilies #1 is complete and here for you to see.




Tulips & Lilies #1 by Girls Getaway Painters with J.Elias

First Light Art Fund  The real beauty in this great collaborative, creative effort is these paintings will be used in a silent auction fundraiser to help launch the nonprofit First Light Art Fund.  The nonprofit group has the mission to promote, develop and support young and up-and-coming artists in the greater Muscatine area.



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